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Global Sport Business Journal

Global Sport Business Journal
ISSN 2333-2107

2019 Volume 7 Issue 1

Global Sport Business Journal
2019 Volume 7 Issue 1
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- Face-ism in Sport Communication: Examining Professional Athletesí Twitter Profile Photographs Lee & Pedersen 1-18
- Effects of Benefits Derived from Campus Recreation on Emotional Attachment towards the University Koo, Dixon, Shoffner, Rainey, Sung, & Park 19-33
- Service Quality within Officially Licensed University Retail Outlets Childs, Hardin, Koo, & Park 34-52
- Divisive School Imagery in the Heartland Lee, Gregg, & Swanson 53-61
- Not for Long: A Case Study of a Professional Athlete Who Fell from Riches to Rags Allen, Payne, & Grube 62-71



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