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            Cruise Conference 2020  

February 13-February 17, 2020


2019 GSBA Conference Schedule

2:00-4:00   Registration  
7:00-8:00PM   Evening Session / Reception  
8:00-8:30   Poster Session Authors
    How Issues Have Evolved for High School Athletics: Pre & Post Recession Forsyth, Johnson, & Whisenant
    Understanding the Impact of Social Media on Student-Athletes Lee, Gardinier, & Cho
    Athlete Endorsers in (Potentially) Misleading Weight Loss Advertisements: Examining Effects on Believability, Recall, and Purchase Intentions Pickett
    Leaderships Styles' Impact on Employee Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty at a Mid-Sized, Nonprofit Sport and Recreation Facility Baptiste & Vincent
    CIP Codes: An Introduction Grube & Grappendort
    Examining the Effectiveness of Ticket Bundling Strategies on the Purchase of Hedonic and Utilitarian Options Martin & Suh
    Coaches' Perceptions of Their Roles Toward Leadership, Commitment, and Motivation Fraina, Mullane, & Rosenberg
    VR Pedagogy to Research: How Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom Sparked A Research Agenda Lupinek
    Assessing Essential Factors Influencing a Disseminating Process in Traditional Sports: A Case of Martial Arts Choi & Byon
    Its Just a Kids Game: The Motivations and Benefits of Participating in a Local Community Kickball League Stensland & Bass
8:30-9:00   Opening Remarks  
9:00-9:20   The Seven P's of Marketing Online Sport Management Graduate Programs Dees, McNary, Zovko
9:30-9:50   Game Plan For A Winning Distance Learning Environment Bair & Bair
10:00-10:20   From Classroom to Virtual Classroom to Boardroom: An Analysis of Student Learning Witkemper & Gard
10:20-10:40   Break  
10:40-11:00   Sport Consumer Motivations at US Soccer Pubs: A Quantitative Analysis Cormier & Cumisky
11:10-11:30   Going the Distance: A Longitudinal Study of the Boston Marathon's Sponsorship Activation Rolfe, Cork, Underhill, Li, & Malmo
11:40-12:00   HeartCheck: NBA Brand Extensions in the NBA2K league. Blaszka, Clavio, & Walsh
12:00-1:30 Lunch Break  
1:30-1:50   Examining Alpha Blocking in Sport Sponsorship Setting Lee & Hyun
2:00-2:20   An Investigation Into How Sport Leaders View Their Leadership Role in Shaping Diverse and Inclusive Strategy   Damon & Pickett
2:20-2:40   Break  
2:40-3:00   "Excuse Me…There's a Dog In My Seat…" The Legal and Ethical Obligation of Stadiums and Arenas Regarding Patrons with Service Animals    Gillentine, Pettus, & Scroggins
3:00-3:20   Perspective of Play: An Exploration of Collegiate Outdoor Recreation Participation Experiences of College Students Who Are People of Color Pecoraro & Pitts
3:20-3:40   Break  
3:40-4:00   The Golfweek Amateur Tour: A Case Study on the Impact of Short Term Experiential Activities Davis & Newman
4:10-4:30   The Impact of Season Ticket Benefits on Season Ticker Member Satisfaction: A Qualitative Case Study Williamson, Smucker, & Mohan  
4:40-5:00   Environmental and Sustainability Concerns Associated With Tailgating Scroggins, Ross, & Gillentine
7:00-8:00   Evening Session / Reception  
Saturday   No Activities  
8:00-8:30   Poster Session Authors
    Spectator Dysfunctional Behavior: A Critical Literature Review and Discussion for Future Research  Kim & Byon
    Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics: Discourses of a NCAA Athletic Department Sellars
    eSportscape: The Physical and Social Atomsopheries in eSports Event Venues Jang, Kim, & Byon
    Validating the Sport Spectator Identification Scale (SSIS) Using Item Response Theory Kim, Lee, & Byon
    Using the Contingent Valuation Method to Assess the Socio-Economic Value Generated by Korean Professional baseball Teams  Park, Kim, & Pedersen
    Player Identification's Effects on Child Fans' Abilities to Identify with Sport Teams Reifurth & Heere
    Coaching Hires and the Flutie Effect Foreman & Lyman
    Military Training and Deviant Behavior in Intercollegiate Football Ford & Foreman
    Meta-Analysis in Sport Management Song, Byon, & Choi 
8:30-8:50   Experiences of Current and Former Non-Traditional Sport Management Majors Jisha & Butler
9:00-9:20   Ensuring Experiential Learning is About More Than the Experience: Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching an Experiential Learning Sport Globalization Class Davies & Killick
9:30-9:50   The Pareto Principle in NBA Analytics: How Production Distribution Affects Team Success Berner & Lupinek
10:00-10:20   Social Identify Complexity Among Student Athletes at the NCAA Division Level Kropp, Stensland, & Bass
10:20-10:40   Break  
10:40-11:00 Year Two of a Longitudinal Study: Examining Follower Development among NCAA Student Athletes Damon & Peachey
11:10-11:30   If Faculty Advise Students, Who Advises Faculty? Developing An Advisory Board for a Sport Management Department Tudor, Jisha, Smucker, & Weiner
11:35-12:00   The Importance of Soft Skills in the Curricula: Preparing Sport, Marketing, and Business Majors for the future  Brimecombe, Porreca, & Rodriguez
12:00-1:00 Lunch Break  
1:30-1:50   Are We Asking and Are They Offering? Salary Negotiations by Female Sport Management Professors Grappendorf, Grube, & Hancock
2:00-2:20   Teaching the Millennial Generation: Strategies to Match Today's Students Pinsky-Newman & Newman
2:20-2:40   Break  
2:40-3:00   Stakeholder Perceptions Regarding Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Image in the NFL: An Exploratory Study  Hazzaa & Morse
3:00-3:20   Managing an Identity: Social Identity Complexity and NCAA Faculty Athletic Representatives Martyn, Fowler, Kropp, Oja, & Bass
3:20-3:40   Break  
3:40-4:00   Green or Not? The Changing Perspective of Sport Food Concessions Mohan, Thomas, Williamson
7:00-8:00PM   Evening Session / Reception  


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