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Global Sport Business Journal

Global Sport Business Journal
ISSN 2333-2107

2018 Volume 6 Issue 1

Global Sport Business Journal
2018 Volume 6 Issue 1
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- Examining Consumer Response to Sport Sponsorship: A Case Study Among Fans of a Group of 5 Division I Programs Martinez, Dixon, & Montgomery 1-12
- Do Athletic Department Mission Statements Influence Employees’ Perceptions of Psychological Contract Fulfillment? Barnhill & Brown 13-28
- Camping for the Need of Speed: An Analysis of the Motives of NASCAR Fanatics to RV Camp at Racing Events Williams, Rode, & Slavich 29-45
- The Relationship Between Perceived Event Service Quality and Direct Spending by Marathon Participants Case, Dey, Boughner, Dowd, & Smith 46-56



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